Welcome to the plant microRNA database (PMRD) homepage! MicroRNAs play an essential role in regulating plant growth and development and recently research in microRNAs has made great progress. With whole genome sequence available in the plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa, Populus trichocarpa, Glycine max, etc., it is necessary to develop a plant microRNA database. Our PMRD try to integrate the available large information of plant microRNAs data, consisting of microRNA sequence and their target genes, secondary dimension structure, expression profiling, genome browser, etc.

      Since 2014, we released the update version of PMRD (PNRD: Plant Non-coding RNA Database). The active updating and maintaining work will move to the new database. Please click HERE to know more. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

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  1. (November 17, 2014): Our update version of PMRD (The PNRD) is now available. The active updating and maintaining work will move to the new database. Please click here to know more.
  2. (February 23, 2014): Foxtail millet (Setaria italica) miRNA has been included into our database. For more information please refer to literature NO.143.
  3. (June 11, 2012): New microRNAs of 4 species(Arabidopsis thaliana,Glycine max,Medicago truncatula,Oryza sativa,Sorghum bicolor) from miRBase(release 18) have been included by our database!
  4. (December 21, 2011): Our database is updated ! We have updated sequences of eight species and added miRNA information of five new species(Arabidopsis lyrata ,Citrus reticulata ,Citrus trifoliata ,Picea abies and Rehmannia glutinosa),which are all derived from miRBase release 17.
  5. (November 25, 2010): Brachypodium miRNA had been updated, new miRNAs were come from literature (ID: 110) by Jingyu Zhang.
  6. (November 19, 2010): Soybean miRNAs from Joshi T et al had been renamed according miRBase's naming rules. references 109
  7. (August 10, 2010): Soybean miRNA had been updated. To date, we have 227 soybean miRNAs in PMRD. references 109
  8. (July 7, 2010): 532 new miRNAs had been included by PMRD.
  9. (April 21, 2010): Mourn Quake Victims in Yushu.
  10. (April 16, 2010): Eleven peanut miRNAs and fifty-eight rice miRNAs had been added into PMRD.

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Zhenhai Zhang, Jingyin Yu, Daofeng Li, Zuyong Zhang, Fengxia Liu, Xin Zhou, Tao Wang, Yi Ling, and Zhen Su
Nucleic Acids Research, 2010, Vol. 38, Database issue D806-D813     [download pdf]

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