Arabidopsis Gene Coexpression Network Visualizer

This database contains Arabidopsis gene network, organized by coexpression relationships. The data are calculated using fuzzy K-means and graphical gaussian models, by Professor Hans J. Bohnert's lab.
Please refer to this paper for more details: Ma S, et al., An Arabidopsis gene network based on the graphical Gaussian model, Genome Research, 2007

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Input genes
Edge limit


  • Both gene alias (AP1) or locus name (AT1G69120) can be used to search this database.
  • Edge limit means to what extent the search would be done.
    "limit=1" means to find all genes directly associated with input gene(s),
    "limit=2" means to find all directly and 1st-level-indirectly associated genes,
    and "limit=3" contains "limit=2" plus 2nd-level-indirectly associated genes.
    Note that under "limit=3" the returned network will usually be very large and you would have to wait for a while.
    Also note that edge limit will only apply when number of input gene does not exceed 2 (so as not to over-burden the server).
  • The Arabidopsis gene information has been updated to TAIR version 8, on Sep 3, 2008.

This server is created / maintained by Zhou Xin.
Su Zhen's lab