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1.Single gene detail search
Phyllostachys edulis :
version 1.0
(Example: PH01000278G0580, PH01003036G0080, PH01000439G0460)

version 2.0
(Example: PH02V02Gene23128, PH02V02Gene01346, PH02V02Gene28970)

2.Gene function search

* Arabidopsis locus search (Example:AT2G46770)


* Function domain/pathway search
(e.g. PF02365)


Gene Ontology
(e.g. GO:0009765)


(e.g. K08912)


3.Functional module search
Please input a keyword of the modules function (Example:cell wall)

based on co-expression network   based on protein-protein network   based on miRNA-target network


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