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Databases and Web Services:
EasyGO: Gene Ontology-based annotation and functional enrichment analysis tools
agriGO: a GO analysis toolkit for the agricultural community

agriGO v2.0: a GO analysis toolkit for the agricultural community, 2017 update

PlantGSEA: a Gene Set Enrichment Analysis toolkit for plant community

PMRD: plant microRNA database
PNRD: a plant non-coding RNA database

PTSmiRNA: primary transcription start site of microRNA precursor

plantsUPS: a database of plants' Ubiquitin Proteasome System

ProFITS of maize: a database of protein families involved in the transduction of signalling in the maize genome

Medicago truncatula transporter database: a comprehensive database resource for M. truncatula transporters

CYPSI: a structure-based interface for cytochrome P450s and ligands in Arabidopsis thaliana

PlantEAR: functional analysis platform for plant EAR motif-containing proteins

UCSC Genome Browser for histone modification in rice

PCSD: A plant chromatin state database

MOAP: a multidimensional omics data analysis platform

MCENet: A database for maize conditional co-expression network collaborated with multi-dimensional omics levels

SFGD: Soybean Functional Genomics Database

SIFGD: Setaria italica Functional Genomics Database

SorghumFDB: Sorghum Functional Genomics Database

GraP: Platform for Functional Genomics Analysis of Gossypium raimondii

Gossypium arboreum co-expression network

ccNET: Database of co-expression networks with functional modules for diploid and polyploid Gossypium

BambooNET: Database of co-expression networks with functional modules for Moso Bamboo

croFGD: Catharanthus roseus Functional Genomics Database

AppleMDO: A multi-dimensional omics database for apple

An expression database for roots of the model legume Medicago truncatula

FalcataBase: abiotic stress-responsive transcriptome of M. falcata

tCal: transcriptional probability calculator using thermodynamic model

ARSER: Analyzing circadian expression data by harmonic regression based on autoregressive spectral estimation
LSPR: an integrated periodicity detection algorithm for unevenly sampled temporal microarray data
BioClock: a web server and database aimed for interpreting circadian rhythm


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